amazon dynamodb

Fast NoSQL Database

Schemaless approach to database layout, each item may have a different number of attributes (strings, numbers, binary data, and sets). Pay for what you use and scale up or down depending on your needs. Find out more here

Free Tier

Amazon offers a free tier for a fixed period of time and amount of data. (40 million database operations per month is included) The payment model is also based on what you use, for indie developers this is a great way to get a solid backend at a low price. Expand along with your games and the amount of revenue they bring in!

Performance, reliability, security and monitoring

Amazon promises response times of single-digit milliseconds, with SSD-storage, automatic 3-way replication and cryptographic methods to authenticate users and prevent unauthorized data access. Operational metrics is available and it also integreates with Amazon CloudWatch where you can your request throughput and latency for each table!

Tutorials and Support

For us it is important that everyone can use our plugins and we want this site to be alive and filled with useful information. Therefor we create detailed tutorials, use doxygen documentation and forums in which all questions are welcome, the documentation will be updated when needed.