asset bundle master

Asset Bundle Creation

Creating asset bundles and using them can be a hassle, the Asset Bundle Master provides a straightforward approach!

Use a single script on prefabs that are to be included in the asset bundle system, build and upload to all supported platforms at once.

You will now have a streamable setup that will fetch data on demand during runtime and use the referenced prefabs in the editor.

FTP + S3 storage

Store your asset bundles on a FTP site or use the Amazon S3 service! The AWS S3 plugin is included in this plugin as well as a FileService that you can use separate from the Asset Bundle Master. 

Automatic Prefab Referencing

Asset Bundles are loaded, cached and unloaded depending on demand. Prefabs are stored in Object Pools that recycles objects and provides better performance then creating and destroying objects contentiously.

One click

Switch between local and remote storage per prefab with a single click!
Validate, build and upload asset bundles with a single click!

Platform Support

Standalone, iOS, Android and Web are supported. Future platform support are planned for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Tutorials and Support

For us it is important that everyone can use our plugins and we want this site to be alive and filled with useful information. Therefor we create detailed tutorials, use doxygen documentation and forums in which all questions are welcome, the documentation will be updated when needed.

Under development

This plugin will be available as soon as the system has passed its testing phase which is due in the middle/end of May. If you have questions or want to receive an early build contact us at