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Amazon.DynamoDBv2.ProjectionType Class Reference

Projection Type More...

Inheritance diagram for Amazon.DynamoDBv2.ProjectionType:

Public Member Functions

 ProjectionType (string value)
 Default Constructor More...

Static Public Member Functions

static ProjectionType FindValue (string value)
 Finds the constant for the unique value. More...
static implicit operator ProjectionType (string value)

Static Public Attributes

static readonly ProjectionType ALL = new ProjectionType("ALL")
 Constant ALL for ProjectionType More...
static readonly ProjectionType INCLUDE = new ProjectionType("INCLUDE")
 Constant INCLUDE for ProjectionType More...
static readonly ProjectionType KEYS_ONLY = new ProjectionType("KEYS_ONLY")
 Constant KEYS_ONLY for ProjectionType More...

Detailed Description

Projection Type

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Amazon.DynamoDBv2.ProjectionType.ProjectionType ( string  value)

Default Constructor

Member Function Documentation

static ProjectionType Amazon.DynamoDBv2.ProjectionType.FindValue ( string  value)

Finds the constant for the unique value.

valueThe unique value for the constant
The constant for the unique value

Member Data Documentation

readonly ProjectionType Amazon.DynamoDBv2.ProjectionType.ALL = new ProjectionType("ALL")

Constant ALL for ProjectionType

readonly ProjectionType Amazon.DynamoDBv2.ProjectionType.INCLUDE = new ProjectionType("INCLUDE")

Constant INCLUDE for ProjectionType

readonly ProjectionType Amazon.DynamoDBv2.ProjectionType.KEYS_ONLY = new ProjectionType("KEYS_ONLY")

Constant KEYS_ONLY for ProjectionType

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