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oCAmazon.Runtime.AmazonWebServiceResponseAbstract class for Response objects, contains only metadata, and no result information.
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.AssetBundleDataContainer class for an asset bundle. Keeps track of the objects using this bundle
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.AssetBundleDependencyContainer class for an asset bundle. Similar to the AssetBundleData.cs class, but this class keeps track of other bundles depending on assets from this bundle.
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.AssetBundleLoaderAssetBundleLoader loads, unloads and keeps track of asset bundles and their dependencies
oCAmazon.S3.Transfer.BaseDownloadRequestThe base class for requests that return Amazon S3 objects.
oCAmazon.S3.Transfer.BaseUploadRequestThe base class TransferUtility request classes.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.ByteRangeThis class represents the byte range for a range GET from S3.
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.Editor.ClearCacheHelper class to clear the cache
oCAmazon.Runtime.ClientConfigThis class is the base class of all the configurations settings to connect to a service.
oCAmazon.Runtime.ConstantClassBase class for constant class that holds the value that will be sent to AWS for the static constants.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.CORSConfigurationA collection of up to 100 cross-origin resource sharing (CORS) rules.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.CORSRuleC O R S Rule
oCTwoorb.Utilities.DataFillerA helper class that takes Dictionary(string, objects) and fills a specified class object with its data using System.Reflection. It can also convert class objects into Dictionary(string, objects). Useful for json-string generation with MiniJSON.
oCTwoorb.Utilities.DebugBoundsData class with information on how to draw a debug bounds or box collider object.
oCTwoorb.Utilities.DebugCircleData class with information on how to draw a debug circle or sphere object.
oCTwoorb.Utilities.DebugLineData class with information on how to draw a debug line.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.DeletedObjectContains information about a successful delete operation against a specific S3 object.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.DeleteErrorContains information about a failed delete operation against a specific S3 object.
oCAmazon.S3.Encryption.EncryptionInstructionsEncryption Instructions store the encryption crdentials
oCAmazon.RegionEndpoint.EndpointThis class defines an endpoints hostname and which protocols it supports.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.ExpirationDefines the expiration policy for a given object.
oCAmazon.DynamoDBv2.Model.GlobalSecondaryIndexGlobal Secondary Index
oCAmazon.DynamoDBv2.Model.GlobalSecondaryIndexDescriptionGlobal Secondary Index Description
oCAmazon.DynamoDBv2.Model.GlobalSecondaryIndexUpdateGlobal Secondary Index Update
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.Editor.GroupDependencyCollectionClass containing data and the ability to compare dependencies. Used to determine the need for dependency asset bundles.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.HeadersCollectionThis class contains the headers for an S3 object.
oCIComparable< PartETag >
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.Editor.InsertedFolderPrefabA class representing a prefab inserted to the folder element
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.IPrefabServiceInterface for a prefab service that will be used at runtime. A prefab service will implement these methods and return an instantiated game object based on the information received in the parameters. Can be used for retrieving local and remote prefabs.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.KeyVersionSpecifies an object key and optional object version.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.LifecycleConfigurationLifecycle Configuration
oCAmazon.S3.Model.LifecycleRuleRules Item
oCAmazon.S3.Model.LifecycleTransitionLifecycleTransition defines when and how objects transition.
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.LocalPrefabContainer class with the information needed to load a locally stored prefab.
oCTwoorb.Utilities.LogMessageA data struct containing the data for a log message
oCAmazon.S3.Model.MetadataCollectionThis class contains the meta data for an S3 object.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.MfaCodesThis class contains the mfa codes used authentication
oCAmazon.S3.Model.MultipartUploadContainer for elements related to a particular multipart upload.
oCTwoorb.AWS.NETAWSS3Helper class to communicate with .NET S3 methods in the AWSSDK
oCTwoorb.AWS.NETDynamoDBHelper class to communicate with .NET DynamoDBv2 methods in the AWSSDK
oCAmazon.S3.NotificationEventsThe constants for the known event names used by S3 notification. S3 might add new events before the SDK is updated. In which case the names listed in the S3 documentation will work as well as these constants.
oCTwoorb.Utilities.ObjectPool< T >An object pool for classes derived from MonoBehaviour. Useful for optimization. The pool takes care of the instantiation of the original object and expands the pool if necessary. After you've created the pool, use FetchObject() to get an object and RecycleObject to give it back when you are done.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.OwnerThe owner of an S3 bucket.
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.PrefabConnectionRepresents a prefab connection to be used in your scripts. Use this class in all your scripts instead of a GameObject reference when you want to use a prefab.
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.Editor.PrefabGroupMappingContainer class with the mapping of the group ID to a group name
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.PrefabObjectPoolAn object pool for prefab instantiation. Used for AssetBundle reference counting
oCAmazon.RegionEndpointThis class contains the endpoints available to the AWS clients. The static constants representing the regions can be used while constructing the AWS client instead of looking up the exact endpoint URL.
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.Editor.RemoteFolderElementA single folder element representing the
oCTwoorb.PrefabSystem.RemotePrefabContainer class with data for a prefab stored remotely.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.RequestPaymentConfigurationRequest Payment Configuration
oCAmazon.S3.Model.ResponseHeaderOverridesContainer for values of the response headers that will be set on a response from a GetObject request. These values override any headers that were set when the object was uploaded to S3.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.RoutingRuleRouting Rule
oCAmazon.S3.Model.S3AccessControlListRepresents an access control list (ACL) for S3. An AccessControlList is represented by an Owner, and a List of Grants, where each Grant is a Grantee and a Permission.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.S3BucketBucket Represents an S3 bucket, contains the name of the S3 bucket and the date that the bucket was created.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.S3BucketLoggingConfigLogging Enabled
oCAmazon.S3.Model.S3BucketVersioningConfigAn S3 bucket versioning configuration.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.S3ObjectRepresents an S3 Object. Contains all attributes that an S3 Object has. For more information about S3 Objects refer:
oCTwoorb.FileSystem.ServiceSettingsBase class for containing the settings for a file system service
oCTwoorb.Utilities.StateMachine< T >A state machine utility class. Use AddState to Add the states and callbacks and use TriggerState to use them.
oCAmazon.S3.Model.TopicConfigurationTopic Configuration
oCAmazon.DynamoDBv2.Model.UpdateGlobalSecondaryIndexActionUpdate Global Secondary Index Action
oCAmazon.S3.Model.WebsiteConfigurationWebsite Configuration