Twoorb Plugins  1.0
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Package Twoorb.PrefabSystem


package  Editor


class  AssetBundleCoroutiner
 Co-routine helper class for downloading asset bundles in co-routines More...
class  AssetBundleData
 Container class for an asset bundle. Keeps track of the objects using this bundle More...
class  AssetBundleDependency
 Container class for an asset bundle. Similar to the AssetBundleData.cs class, but this class keeps track of other bundles depending on assets from this bundle. More...
class  AssetBundleLoader
 AssetBundleLoader loads, unloads and keeps track of asset bundles and their dependencies More...
class  AssetBundleRequest
class  AssetBundleRequestDependency
class  ContentGroupData
 Container class for the content group data More...
interface  IPrefabService
 Interface for a prefab service that will be used at runtime. A prefab service will implement these methods and return an instantiated game object based on the information received in the parameters. Can be used for retrieving local and remote prefabs. More...
class  LocalPrefab
 Container class with the information needed to load a locally stored prefab. More...
class  PrefabBuildTarget
 Static class containing information about the build targets retrievable at runtime.
class  PrefabConnection
 Represents a prefab connection to be used in your scripts. Use this class in all your scripts instead of a GameObject reference when you want to use a prefab. More...
class  PrefabIdentifier
 The prefab identifier attaches a unique ID to all the prefabs to be used in the Prefab System. Make sure to attach this script to ALL prefabs you want to use with the Prefab System. More...
class  PrefabObjectPool
 An object pool for prefab instantiation. Used for AssetBundle reference counting More...
class  PrefabService
 The prefab service. It handles, loads and unloads the references to remote and local prefabs. More...
class  RemotePrefab
 Container class with data for a prefab stored remotely. More...
class  RemovableComponent
 Represents a component that will be removed when preparing prefab objects for build. More...
class  RuntimePrefabData
 Information asset containing data of all the prefabs used with the prefab system at runtime. More...
class  RuntimePrefabService
 Helper class to use the prefab service at runtime.


enum  EPrefabBuildTarget { EPrefabBuildTarget.Standalone, EPrefabBuildTarget.IOS, EPrefabBuildTarget.Android }
 The different available build targets for the prefabs More...

Enumeration Type Documentation

The different available build targets for the prefabs