Twoorb Plugins  1.0
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Package Twoorb.Utilities.Editor


class  DirectoryUtility
 A Utility class with helper methods when handling directories
class  EditorGUIEx
 EditorGUI Extension class. Creates better looking and extended editor fields and areas.
class  FetchObjectsAsset
 A small utility class that can be used with the FetchObjectAssetInspector.cs to fetch and add files to your project. ex. can be used to fetch dll:s from another project and place them in the correct place in your unity project. More...
class  FetchObjectsAssetInspector
 Inspector window for the FetchObjectsAsset More...
class  InputWindow
 Utility class to show a quick editor window with changeable properties. More...
class  RemoveEmptyFolders
 A tool for removing empty folders in your unity project.
class  ScreenShot
 Helper class for screenshots in the editor
class  UnityDirectoryUtility
 Extends the DirectoryUtilityClass with Directory methods specific to unity.
class  VersionIncrementerWindow
 A version incrementer window. Will show up by default after building for iOS, Android, and Blackberry and will prompt you to increment the build version. More...